• What kind of people live in Finland?

  • The Finnish race is Caucasian. Most people in Finland have relatively light coloured hair and light eyes (blue, grey or green, blue being the most common). The average height for for a Finnish woman today is around 166 cm (55) and for a Finnish man around 180 cm (510). Many foreigners say Finnish people are shy and quiet. In the past talking a lot was not encouraged in Finnish society, not unless you actually had something worthwhile to say. Nowadays talkativeness and sociability are much more valued. Finns are commonly considered as hardworking and honest people (they especially gained good reputation in the US when a lot of them immigrated there in the 19th century).

  • Finland is a relatively ethnically homogeneous country. The dominant ethnicity is Finnish but there are also notable historic minorities of Finland-Swedes, Sami and Roma people. As a result of recent immigration there are now also large groups of ethnic Russians, Iraqis/Kurds, Estonians and Somalis in the country.

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