• How do you find someone in Quito Ecuador?

  • You can search their name at Google Ecuador (www.google.com.ec). This is difficult if you dont speak Spanish (more on this later). You can also use the Ecuadorian version of Facebook: Sonico.com. Again, you need to be able to write and understand Spanish. Just a few months ago, I found a long, lost Ecuadorian friend by putting her name into both Google Ecuador and Sonico. Essentially, Google Ecuador brought me to Sonico and I found her on Sonico. A word of caution: dont give Sonico your e-mail address when you sign-up, which youll have to do to have access to the Sonico members. It will automatically e-mail everyone in your address book an invitation to Sonico in Spanish.I ended up with a lot of confused non-spanish speaking friends asking why I was sending them e-mails in Spanish. If you dont speak Spanish, you can use the Google Translator (translate.google.com). You go to the google translate site and paste the URL of the page you want to translate into the text block and click on translate. This can be quite laborious if you are going to a lot of pages. In that case, download the Chrome browser and add the Google Translate extension. This will add a check box where you just click yes (to the question: Translate page?) when you need a translation. Btw, this will allow translation of many different languages. Very cool.

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