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  • Best Bakeries in Lapithos

    Here are some of the top rated Bakeries in Lapithos

    • Blue Song (Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Calamari (Hoteller Bolgesil 10 Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Silver Rocks (Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Sea Point Restaurant (Lapta Strip Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Wild Duck Cafe (Fevzi Cakmak Cd Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Veni Vici (Lapta Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • TAVERNA STOU Zoppi Lapithos (Andrea Mamantos 45 Kakopetria, Nicosia District, Cyprus)
    • Gardens Of Babel Babil Bahceleri (Irfan Nadir Sk 24 Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Driftwood (Fevzi Cakmak Cadesi No:68, Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Sevket's Bar & Restaurant (Lapta Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Jashan Indian Restaurant Lapta.Kyrenia (The strip Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Charcos (Lapta Centre Road Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • The Lodge (Maresal Fevzi Cakmak Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Hanimeller (Fevzi Cakmak Cd 52 Kyrenia, Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Incirli Beach (Lapta Oteller Bolgesi Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Green Lotus (Fez Cakmak Cd Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Teo's Restaurant & Bar (Sehit Sevket Kadir Caddesi 58, Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Las Hermanas (18 Sht Haci Kaya Sokak Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Sardunya Bay (Sardunya Sokak Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Alvadar (Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi Lapta, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Lazaris Bakery Bar (37-39 Agiou Lazarou Larnaca, Larnaka District, Cyprus)
    • Nippon Japanese Restaurant (Stadiou 120 Larnaca, Larnaka District, Cyprus)
    • Zorbas Bakery Agia Napa (Nissi Avenue 17 Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • The Oak Tree Wine Cellar & Tasting Room (9 George Drousiotis Street, Larnaca, Larnaka District, Cyprus)
    • Flames Restaurant and Bar (Agias Mavris Avenue 58 Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • To Patrikon (Dionysiou Solomou Tersefanou, Larnaka District, Cyprus)
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  • Visa Requirements Oman

    Visa requirements for Omani citizens

    Visa requirements for Omani citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of the Oman.
    As of 13 April 2021 Omani citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 80 countries and territories, ranking the Omani passport 65th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.

    Country : requirement

    Afghanistan : Visa required[2]

    Albania : Visa required[3]

    Algeria : Visa required[4]

    Andorra : Visa required[5]

    Angola : Visa required[6]

    Antigua and Barbuda : Electronic Entry Visa[7]

    Argentina : Electronic Travel Authorization[8]

    Armenia : eVisa / Visa on arrival[9][10]

    Australia : Visa required[11]

    Austria : Visa required[14]

    Azerbaijan : Visa on arrival[15]

    Bahamas : Visa not required[17]

    Bahrain : Visa not required[18]

    Bangladesh : Visa on arrival[19]

    Barbados : Visa not required[20]

    Belarus : Visa not required[21]

    Belgium : Visa required[22]

    Belize : Visa required[23]

    Benin : eVisa / Visa on arrival[24][25]

    Bhutan : Visa required[26]

    Bolivia : Visa on arrival[27]

    Bosnia and Herzegovina : Visa not required[28]

    Botswana : Visa not required[29]

    Brazil : Visa required[30]

    Brunei : Visa not required[31]

    Bulgaria : Visa required[32]

    Burkina Faso : Visa required[33]

    Burundi : Visa required[34]

    Cambodia : eVisa / Visa on arrival[35]

    Cameroon : Visa required[36]

    Canada : Visa required[37]

    Cape Verde : Visa on arrival[38]

    Central African Republic : Visa required[39]

    Chad : Visa required[40]

    Chile : Visa required[41]

    China : Visa required[42]

    Colombia : Visa required[45]

    Comoros : Visa on arrival[46]

    Republic of the Congo : Visa required[47]

    Democratic Republic of the Congo : Visa required[48]

    Costa Rica : Visa required[49]

    Côte d'Ivoire : eVisa[50]

    Croatia : Visa required[51]

    Cuba : Visa required[52]

    Cyprus : Visa required[53]

    Czech Republic : Visa required[54]

    Denmark : Visa required[55]

    Djibouti : eVisa[56]

    Dominica : Visa not required[57]

    Dominican Republic : Visa required[58]

    Ecuador : Visa not required[59]

    Egypt : On Arrival visa required[60]

    El Salvador : Visa required[61]

    Equatorial Guinea : Visa required[62]

    Eritrea : Visa required[63]

    Estonia : Visa required[64]

    Eswatini : Visa required[65]

    Ethiopia : eVisa[66]

    Fiji : Visa required[67]

    Finland : Visa required[68]

    France : Visa required[69]

    Gabon : eVisa / Visa on arrival[70]

    Gambia : Visa required[72]

    Georgia : Visa not required[73]

    Germany : Visa required[74]

    Ghana : Visa required[75]

    Greece : Visa required[76]

    Grenada : Visa required[77]

    Guatemala : Visa required[78]

    Guinea : eVisa[79]

    Guinea-Bissau : eVisa / Visa on arrival[80]

    Guyana : Visa required[81]

    Haiti : Visa not required[82]

    Honduras : Visa required[83]

    Hungary : Visa required[84]

    Iceland : Visa required[85]

    India : e-Visa[86]

    Indonesia : Visa on arrival[88]

    Iran : Visa not required[89]

    Iraq : Visa on arrival[91]

    Ireland : Visa required[92]

    Israel : Visa required[93]

    Italy : Visa required[95]

    Jamaica : Visa required[96]

    Japan : Visa required[97]

    Jordan : Visa not required[98]

    Kazakhstan : Visa not required[99]

    Kenya : eVisa / Visa on arrival[101]

    Kiribati : Visa required[102]

    North Korea : Visa required[103]

    South Korea : Visa not required[104]

    Kuwait : Visa not required[105]

    Kyrgyzstan : Visa not required[106]

    Laos : eVisa / Visa on arrival[107]

    Latvia : Visa required[110]

    Lebanon : Visa not required[111]

    Lesotho : eVisa[112][113]

    Liberia : Visa required[114]

    Libya : Visa required[115]

    Liechtenstein : Visa required[116]

    Lithuania : Visa required[117]

    Luxembourg : Visa required[118]

    Madagascar : eVisa / Visa on arrival[119]

    Malawi : eVisa[120]

    Malaysia : Visa not required[121]

    Maldives : Visa on arrival[122]

    Mali : Visa required[123]

    Malta : Visa required[124]

    Marshall Islands : Visa required[125]

    Mauritania : Visa on arrival[126]

    Mauritius : Visa not required[127]

    Mexico : Visa required[128]

    Micronesia : Visa not required[129]

    Moldova : Visa required[130]

    Monaco : Visa required[131]

    Mongolia : Visa required[132]

    Montenegro : Visa required[133]

    Morocco : Visa not required[134]

    Mozambique : Visa on arrival[135]

    Myanmar : Visa required[136]

    Namibia : Visa required[137]

    Nauru : Visa required[138]

    Nepal : Visa on arrival[139]

    Netherlands : Visa required[140]

    New Zealand : Electronic Travel Authority[141]

    Nicaragua : Visa on arrival[144]

    Niger : Visa required[145]

    Nigeria : Visa required[146]

    North Macedonia : Visa required[147]

    Norway : Visa required[148]

    Pakistan : Electronic Travel Authorization[149]

    Palau : Visa on arrival[153]

    Panama : Visa required[154]

    Papua New Guinea : Visa required[155]

    Paraguay : Visa on arrival[156]

    Peru : Visa required[157]

    Philippines : Visa not required[158]

    Poland : Visa required[159]

    Portugal : Visa required[160]

    Qatar : Visa not required[161]

    Romania : Visa required[162]

    Russia : eVisa[163]

    Rwanda : eVisa / Visa on arrival[165]

    Saint Kitts and Nevis : eVisa[166]

    Saint Lucia : Visa required[167]

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines : Visa not required[168]

    Samoa : Entry Permit on arrival[169]

    San Marino : Visa required[170]

    São Tomé and Príncipe : eVisa[171][172]

    Saudi Arabia : Visa not required[173]

    Senegal : Visa on arrival[174]

    Serbia : Visa not required[175]

    Seychelles : Visitor's Permit on arrival[176]

    Sierra Leone : Visa on arrival[177]

    Singapore : Visa not required[178]

    Slovakia : Visa required[179]

    Slovenia : Visa required[180]

    Solomon Islands : Visa required[181]

    Somalia : Visa on arrival[182]

    South Africa : Visa required[183]

    South Sudan : Electronic Visa[184]

    Spain : Visa required[186]

    Sri Lanka : eVisa / Visa on arrival[187]

    Sudan : Visa required[188]

    Suriname : eVisa[189]

    Sweden : Visa required[190]

    Switzerland : Visa required[191]

    Syria : Visa required[192]

    Tajikistan : Visa on arrival[196]

    Tanzania : eVisa / Visa on arrival[198]

    Thailand : Visa not required[199]

    Timor-Leste : Visa on arrival[200]

    Togo : Visa on arrival[201]

    Tonga : Visa required[202]

    Trinidad and Tobago : Visa required[203]

    Tunisia : Visa not required[204]

    Turkey : eVisa[205]

    Turkmenistan : Visa required[206]

    Tuvalu : Visa on arrival[207]

    Uganda : eVisa / Visa on arrival[208]

    Ukraine : eVisa[210]

    United Arab Emirates : Visa not required[211]

    United Kingdom : Electronic Visa Waiver[212]

    United States : Visa required[213]

    Uruguay : Visa required[214]

    Uzbekistan : eVisa[215][216]

    Vanuatu : Visa not required[218]

    Vatican City : Visa required[219]

    Venezuela : Visa required[220]

    Vietnam : Visa required[221]

    Yemen : Visa on arrival[161]

    Zambia : eVisa[222]

    Zimbabwe : eVisa[223]

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  • RE: Pros and Cons of Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Whoa really? I have absolutely no idea how BsAs can rank so high. It used to be a nice city 10 years ago - nowadays it's decadent. Thousands of people living on the streets inflation makes things extremely expensive (for Latin America), and locals are just tired and sad. I've been there 4 times in the last decade and could witness the decay of their once beautiful city. Definitely not on my top 100 list.

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  • RE: Pros and Cons of Living in Brasov, Romania

    Brasov is absolutely beautiful. Not a ton to do socially and certainly no big nomad community. But the food is amazing, cost of living is cheap, and the parks and mountains surrounding you make it worth visiting! You can literally hike a gorgeous mountain walking about 5 minutes south of the old city center. It's also the most central location to visit nearby castles and national parks. You can buy tickets online and the trains are easy to navigate to get to places like Peles Castle in an hour or so. Highly recommend staying here a couple weeks! I hope to return.

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  • RE: Waiting for a next big trip?

    @faizanaseem18 said in Waiting for a next big trip?:

    Are you planning for a next big trip and don’t have enough expenses? Well, nothing to worry about. You can busy yourself and do number of things to keep your travel spirit alive...I hope so below mentioned list will help you stay busy and focused on your work.
    Read some good travel books
    Why not you read some classic books?
    For example:
    • On the Road
    • Atlas Obscura
    • The Adventure of Tintin
    Watch travel videos, movies and favorite travel reality show
    The Secret Life of Water Mitty, Lost in Translation, The Motorcycle Diaries are a few of the inspiring films that one can watch to make the most of their time.
    • Try to attend a virtual tour or concert
    • Learn some new skills
    • Start freelancing
    • Meet or connect with travelers
    • Keep healthy and fit for your dream hike
    • Upgrade your travel gear
    So, why not you make your time more productive while waiting for a next dream trip?

    Wholesome advice to plan ahead

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  • RE: Waiting for a next big trip?

    @shiz InshAllah may your wish is fulfilled.

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  • Zee's Sweet Tooth

    Add a little bit of body text.png
    Satisfy all your sweet cravings from one place !

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  • RE: Pakistan- An inspiring Destination for the Tourist or Travelers

    Eva is a true free spirit and talking so highly of Pakistan. It was a hit throughout the country

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  • RE: What was your very first travel experience?

    @sadia-wali-0 a treasure you must hold on to childhood trips and vacations and there memories stay with us forever

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  • RE: What was your very first travel experience?

    yes it must have been a beautiful experience

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