Sig used as a name may refer to: Sig (given name) Sig, Algeria, a city on the banks of the Sig River Sig Alert, an alert for traffic congestion in California, named after Loyd Sigmon Sig River, a river of Algeria also known as Mekerrasig (lower case) may refer to: sig (rune), an Armanen rune, later used for the Schutzstaffel (SS) logo sig, the distinctive hand actions of sign language that form words; see movement (sign language) sig, a signature block in e-mail messagingsig as a loanword may refer to: sig (Russian), the common whitefish; see Coregonus Sig (Italian), abbreviation of Signore ("Lord") Sig (Latin, also Signa or Signatura), the "signature" section of a medical prescription, which contains directions to the patient, and the signature of the prescribing doctorSIG (capitalized) may refer to: SIG, the IATA Callsign of Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico SIG (band), a Finnish band SIG Combibloc Group, a Swiss-German packaging company and former railway vehicle and firearms manufacturer SIG plc, a British insulation company, formerly Sheffield Insulations Group plc SIG Sauer, the brand name used by firearms manufacturers SIG Sauer Inc

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