Masis, Massis, or MASIS may refer to: Masis (given name) Massis (surname) Mount Ararat, a mountain in Turkey historically known as Masis by the Armenians Masis, Armenia, a city in Ararat Province, Armenia Masis (village), a village in Ararat Province, Armenia FC Masis, a defunct football club in Armenia Massis (weekly), an Armenian publication in Los Angeles, CA Massis (periodical), an Armenian Catholic publication in Beirut, Lebanon Massis (Constantinople periodical), an Armenian Ottoman publication (1852–1908), first established as Hayasdan, published in Constantinople (now Istanbul) Memory and SMS interface standard (where "SMS" stands for "STAR Memory System", and "STAR" in turn stands for "Self-Test and Repair"), a specialized hardware description language created by Synopsys for the purpose of describing random-access memory structures in integrated circuit design

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