I am from Serbia. People in Serbia are hospitable but if they do not know you by common friends or something they will treat you as an outsider in most cases they will talk to you but not make friends etc. Even for serbs from other cities when you go to another city, Belgrade for example, it is difficult to make friends or people to go out with . It applies much more to foreigners. Why? I do not know, we are very hospitable in general but that's the way it is. Nightlife is not as good as it was, but it is good. Much better than in most of Europe. Cafes, restaurants and typical european culture is present at lower prices than for example in Denmark. The women are beautiful, some are stunning, I can say serbian women are among top 5 in Europe (along with russian, ukrainian, chech etc), men are often tall and good looking. Belgrade and Serbia are worth a visit especially if you are not from Europe and you can not afford more expensive western cities, but want to feel european lifestyle. In terms of hospitality, and good looking men and women you will get more then you would get in western Europe.