• What is the best time to travel to Vratsa ?

    The best months for good weather in Vratsa are April, May, July, August and September For full information about the climate and weather in Vratsa a specific month, click on the corresponding line below: Vratsa enjoys a temperate oceanic climate (with warm summer) in accordance with the Köppen-Geiger classification.

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  • What is the best time to travel to Kigali ?

    While Kigali is a popular destination to visit all year round, June-September is the ideal time to go due to a number of factors such as the climate, cost of travel and accommodation, as well as avoiding peak holiday periods. During the warmer months, temperatures in Kigali can rise to a maximum of 30℃ (85℉).

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  • What is the best time to travel to Mamoudzou ?

    The busiest month for tourism in Mamoudzou, Mayotte is May, followed by November and July. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Mamoudzou in October.

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  • What is the best time to travel to Nikki ?

    A great time to visit Nikki and a tourist high season as well. The average precipitation recorded around this time is 0.24 mm. Nikki Weather in March-April: These months are considered as the best time to visit Nikki owing to temperatures ranging from 70℉ to 104℉. An ideal situation to get around exploring all the points of interest in Nikki.

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  • What is the best time to travel to Yafran ?

    The average temperature in Yafran fluctuates from 58.7 °F (14.9 °C) in February to 83.3 °F (28.5 °C) in August. The best time to visit Yafran for prospective visitors is from April to November. To combine good weather and warmth with sightseeing, we recommend visiting Yafran during the months of June, July, August, or September. If possible ...

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  • Best restaurants in Surman

    Here are some of the top rated restaurants in Surman

    • Al-Athar (Tripoli Old city, Marcus Aurelius Arch, Tripoli)
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  • Visa Requirements Indonesia

    Visa requirements for Indonesian citizens


    Country : requirement

    Afghanistan : Visa required[2]

    Albania : eVisa[4][5]

    Algeria : Visa required[7]

    Andorra : Visa required[9]

    Angola : eVisa[11][12]

    Antigua and Barbuda : Visa not required[13]

    Argentina : Visa required[14]

    Armenia : eVisa[16][17]

    Australia : Online visa required[18]

    Austria : Visa required[21]

    Azerbaijan : eVisa / Visa on arrival[22]

    Bahamas : eVisa[24][25]

    Bahrain : eVisa[27]

    Bangladesh : Free visa on arrival[29]

    Barbados : Visa not required[31]

    Belarus : Visa not required[32]

    Belgium : Visa required[34]

    Belize : Visa required[35]

    Benin : Visa not required[37]

    Bhutan : Visa required[38]

    Bolivia : Visa required[39]

    Bosnia and Herzegovina : Visa required[41]

    Botswana : eVisa[43][44]

    Brazil : Visa not required[45]

    Brunei : Visa not required[46]

    Bulgaria : Visa required[47]

    Burkina Faso : Visa required[48]

    Burundi : Visa on arrival[49]

    Cambodia : Visa not required[50]

    Cameroon : Visa required[51]

    Canada : Visa required[52]

    Cape Verde : Visa on arrival[54]

    Central African Republic : Visa required[55]

    Chad : Visa required[56]

    Chile : Visa not required[57]

    China : Visa required[58]

    Colombia : Visa not required[59]

    Comoros : Visa on arrival[60]

    Republic of the Congo : Visa required[61]

    Democratic Republic of the Congo : eVisa[62][63]

    Costa Rica : Visa required[64]

    Côte d'Ivoire : eVisa[66]

    Croatia : Visa required[68]

    Cuba : Tourist Card required[69]

    Cyprus : Visa required[70]

    Czech Republic : Visa required[71]

    Denmark : Visa required[72]

    Djibouti : eVisa[73]

    Dominica : Visa not required[74]

    Dominican Republic : Visa required[75]

    Ecuador : Visa not required[76]

    Egypt : Visa required[79]

    El Salvador : Visa required[81]

    Equatorial Guinea : Visa required[82]

    Eritrea : Visa required[83]

    Estonia : Visa required[85]

    Eswatini : Visa required[86]

    Ethiopia : eVisa[87]

    Fiji : Visa not required[90]

    Finland : Visa required[91]

    France : Visa required[92]

    Gabon : eVisa / Visa on arrival[93]

    Gambia : Visa required[95]

    Georgia : eVisa[97]

    Germany : Visa required[99]

    Ghana : Visa required[100]

    Greece : Visa required[102]

    Grenada : Visa required[103]

    Guatemala : Visa required[104]

    Guinea : eVisa[105]

    Guinea-Bissau : Visa on arrival[106]

    Guyana : Visa not required[107]

    Haiti : Visa not required[109]

    Honduras : Visa required[110]

    Hungary : Visa required[111]

    Iceland : Visa required[112]

    India : Free eVisa[113]

    Iran : Visa on arrival[114]

    Iraq : Visa required[113]

    Ireland : Visa required[116]

    Israel : Visa required[118]

    Italy : Visa required[120]

    Jamaica : Visa required[121]

    Japan : Visa not required (conditional)[122]

    Jordan : Visa on arrival[125]

    Kazakhstan : Visa not required[126]

    Kenya : eVisa[127]

    Kiribati : Visa required[128]

    North Korea : Visa required[129]

    South Korea : Visa required[130]

    Kuwait : Visa required[131]

    Kosovo : Visa required[132]

    Kyrgyzstan : eVisa / Visa on arrival[133]

    Laos : Visa not required[135]

    Latvia : Visa required[136]

    Lebanon : Visa required[137]

    Lesotho : eVisa[138][139]

    Liberia : Visa required[140]

    Libya : Visa required[141]

    Liechtenstein : Visa required[143]

    Lithuania : Visa required[144]

    Luxembourg : Visa required[145]

    Madagascar : eVisa / Visa on arrival[146]

    Malawi : eVisa / Visa on arrival[147]

    Malaysia : Visa not required[148]

    Maldives : Free visa on arrival[149]

    Mali : Visa not required[150]

    Malta : Visa required[151]

    Marshall Islands : Visa on arrival[152]

    Mauritania : Visa on arrival[153]

    Mauritius : Visa on arrival[154]

    Mexico : Visa required[156]

    Micronesia : Visa not required[158]

    Moldova : eVisa[159][160]

    Monaco : Visa required[161]

    Mongolia : Visa required[162]

    Montenegro : Visa required[163]

    Morocco : Visa not required[165]

    Mozambique : eVisa / Visa on arrival[169][170]

    Myanmar : Visa not required[172]

    Namibia : Visa not required[173][174]

    Nauru : Visa required[175]

    Nepal : Visa on arrival[176]

    Netherlands : Visa required[177]

    New Zealand : Visa required[178]

    Nicaragua : Visa on arrival[181]

    Niger : Visa required[182]

    Nigeria : eVisa[183][184]

    North Macedonia : Visa required[185]

    Norway : Visa required[186]

    Oman : Visa not required / eVisa[187]

    Pakistan : ETA / eVisa[188]

    Palau : Free visa on arrival[192]

    Panama : Visa required[193]

    Papua New Guinea : eVisa / Visa on arrival[195]

    Paraguay : Visa required[196]

    Peru : Visa not required[197]

    Philippines : Visa not required[198]

    Poland : Visa required[199]

    Portugal : Visa required[200]

    Qatar : Visa not required[201]

    Romania : Visa required[202]

    Russia : Visa required[204]

    Rwanda : Visa not required[207]

    Saint Kitts and Nevis : Visa not required[208]

    Saint Lucia : Visa required[209]

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines : Visa not required[210]

    Samoa : Visa not required[211]

    San Marino : Visa required[212]

    São Tomé and Príncipe : eVisa[213]

    Saudi Arabia : Visa required[214]

    Senegal : Visa required[215]

    Serbia : Visa not required[216]

    Seychelles : Free Visitor's Permit on arrival[218]

    Sierra Leone : Visa on arrival[219]

    Singapore : Visa not required[220]

    Slovakia : Visa required[221]

    Slovenia : Visa required[222]

    Solomon Islands : Visa required[223]

    Somalia : Visa on arrival[224]

    South Africa : Visa required[225]

    South Sudan : eVisa[226]

    Spain : Visa required[228]

    Sri Lanka : ETA / Visa on arrival[229]

    Sudan : Visa required[232]

    Suriname : Visa not required[233]

    Sweden : Visa required[235]

    Switzerland : Visa required[236]

    Syria : Visa required[236]

    Tajikistan : Visa not required[238][239]

    Tanzania : eVisa / Visa on arrival[240][241]

    Thailand : Visa not required[242]

    Timor-Leste : Visa not required[243]

    Togo : Visa on arrival[244]

    Tonga : Visa required[245]

    Trinidad and Tobago : Visa required[246]

    Tunisia : Visa required[247]

    Turkey : Visa not required[248]

    Turkmenistan : Visa required[250]

    Tuvalu : Visa on arrival[251]

    Uganda : eVisa[252]

    Ukraine : Visa required[255]

    United Arab Emirates : Visa required[258]

    United Kingdom : Visa required[260]

    United States : Visa required[263]

    Uruguay : Visa required[264]

    Uzbekistan : Visa not required[265]

    Vanuatu : Visa required[266]

    Vatican City : Visa required[268]

    Venezuela : Visa not required[269]

    Vietnam : Visa not required[271]

    Yemen : Visa required[272]

    Zambia : eVisa[275]

    Zimbabwe : eVisa / Visa on arrival[276]

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  • Best Bakeries in Mamoudzou

    Here are some of the top rated Bakeries in Mamoudzou

    • Le Moana (1 B Rue Du Commerce Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Cafe Caribou (1 Place Mariage Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Boboka (50 Rue de La Pompe Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • L'auberge du Rond-Point (3 Rue Du Commerce Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Chez Ma (Route de la Plage Amaha Kaweni, Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Grain de Sucre (122 Residence Lukida Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Manureva (5 B Route Nationale 2 Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Citron Vert (Rue de l'hopital Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Camion Blanc (Port de Plaisance Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Ogourmandises by May’Kids (Les Vitrines de Mgombani Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • La Bigoudene (1 Residence Latania Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Tiki Lounge (10 Rue Du Cinema Al Pajoe Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • La Mangrove (Mamoudzou Mayotte)
    • Les tables du Senat (51 B Rue M Gombani Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Trevani Mayotte Resto and Bar (BP 245 Plage de Trevani Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Kamcham (7 Rue de L Hopital Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Paris13 (Avenue de la Grande Traversee Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Koropa Piscine Bar Restaurant (Majicavo Koropa Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • La Renaissance Al Pa Joe (11 Rue Mahabou Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Nebab Kebab (38 Rue Du Cinema Al Pajoe Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Rocad Cafe (Front De Mer Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Dix the na Tchai (67 C Rue de La Mosquee Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Mamamia (Route de la plage Hamaha Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Isijiva Hotel - Bar - Restaurant (13 Rue Mandzarisoa Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Mama Mia (Route de la Plage HamahaQ Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Les Delices D'ashi (15 Rue de la Poste Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Le Zen Eat (1 Rue de La Mangrove Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Dkle Restaurant (10 Route Nationale Baobab Mtsapere Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • May'Food (27 Rue Du Cinema Al Pajoe Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
    • Restaurant Snack-Bar Mamou (5 Rue Pasky Mamoudzou, Mayotte)
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  • Best Coffee Shops in Famagusta

    Here are some of the top rated Bakeries in Famagusta

    • Petek Pastanesi (Yesil Deniz Sok Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Gloria Jean's Coffee (Ismet Inonu St. Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • TatlI Hayat Coffee and Cake (Magusa Kaleici Ana Giris KapIsI Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Costa Coffee (Ismet Inonu Bulvan Salamis Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Ravelin Gate Restaurant & Bar (Istiklal Caddesi Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Coffeemania Gazimagusa (Salamis yolu no:118 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Ekor (Famagusta Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Othello Meyhanesi (Famagusta Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Minder Restaurant (Bayraktar Yolu No 40 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Elatte Coffee Shop (Archiepiskopou Makariou III Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Walnuts Coffee Shop - Bar & Grill (Salamis Road Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Kafkaros Tavern (Konnou 65 Protaras, Paralimni, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Sawadee Thai Food (Kassandrous 16 Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Passaggio (Ayia Napa CY-5330 Nissi Avenue Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Anna’s Coffee Shop (Nissi Ave 17a Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Coffee Lab (Agiou Georgiou 14 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • One Shot Coffee (Zeytinoglu Sokak Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Coffee Island (1is Apriliou 24 Paralimni, Katastima 1,2,3, Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Egeon (Ektoros 40 Nicosia, Nicosia District, Cyprus)
    • Petroktisto Fish Restaurant (Georgiou Neofytou Avenue 22A Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus)
    • Suelto Cafe (Soteras Avenue E304 Sotira, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Cheers Bar (Main Street Protaras, Paralimni, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • David People Coffee & Food (Ismet Inonu Bulvari No: 1-2 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Inga's Veggie heaven (Dimonaktos 2 Nicosia, Nicosia District, Cyprus)
    • Tree of Idleness Restaurant & Bar (Huzur Agac - Bellapais Bellapais, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
    • Tea for Two (Tombs of the Kings Road 42) (Tombs of the Kings Avenue 42, Paphos, Paphos District, Cyprus)
    • Mezzo Coffee (Protara 9 Paralimni, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Bey Coffee & Chocolate (Ismet Inonu bul.160/3 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Mackbear Coffee Co. (Novel Centre Point No: 9-10 Famagusta, Famagusta District, Cyprus)
    • Lagoon Fish Restaurant (Kordonboyu Caddesi No :11 Kyrenia, Kyrenia District, Cyprus)
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  • Internet Service Providers List in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan Internet Service Providers List

    (1) Provider Name : Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Provider Link:

    (2) Provider Name : AfSat Provider Link: http://www.instatelecom.com/

    (3) Provider Name : Ariana Network Services Provider Link:

    (4) Provider Name : CeReTechs Provider Link:

    (5) Provider Name : Giganet Provider Link:

    (6) Provider Name : Insta Provider Link:

    (7) Provider Name : IO Global Services (P) Limited Provider Link:

    (8) Provider Name : LiwalNet Provider Link:

    (9) Provider Name : Neda Provider Link: http://www.neda.af/

    (10) Provider Name : Northtelecom-af Provider Link:

    (11) Provider Name : PACTEC International Provider Link:

    (12) Provider Name : Rana Technologies Provider Link: http://www.ranatech.com

    (13) Provider Name : Unique Atlantic Telecommunication Provider Link: http://www.uatelecom.af/

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