Afghanistan, approximately the size of Texas, is bordered on the north by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, on the extreme northeast by China, on the east and south by Pakistan, and by Iran on the west. The country is split east to west by the Hindu Kush mountain range, rising in the east to heights of 24,000 ft (7,315 m). With the exception of the southwest, most of the country is covered by high snow-capped mountains and is traversed by deep valleys.

What's happening in Afghanistan

  • Uruzgan (Pashto: اروزګان; Dariاروزگان), also spelled as Urozgan or Oruzgan, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan Uruzgan is located in the center of the country The population is 436,079, and the province is mostly a tribal society

  • Sheberghān or Shaburghān (Uzbek, Pashto, Persian: شبرغان), also spelled Shebirghan and Shibarghan, is the capital city of the Jowzjan Province in northern Afghanistan The city of Sheberghan has a population of 175,599 It has four districts and a total land area of 7,335 hectares

  • Jalalabad (; Dari/Pashto: جلال‌آباد, Jalālābād) is the fifth-largest city of Afghanistan It has a population of about 356,274, and serves as the capital of Nangarhar Province in the eastern part of the country, about 130 kilometres (80 mi) from the capital Kabul Jalalabad is located at the junction of the Kabul River and the Kunar River in a plateau to the south of the Hindu Kush mountains

  • Gardez (Pashto: ګردېز / Persian: گردیز; Gardēz, meaning "mountain fortress" in Middle Persian) is the capital of the Paktia Province of Afghanistan The population of the city was estimated to be ca 10,000 in the 1979 census and was estimated to be 70,000 in 2008

  • Kandahar (English: ; Pashto: کندهار Kandahār, Dari: قندهار, Qandahār) is a city in Afghanistan, located in the south of the country on the Arghandab River, at an elevation of 1,010 m (3,310 ft) It is Afghanistan's second largest city after Kabul, with a population of about 614,118 It is the capital of Kandahar Province as well as the de facto capital of the Taliban, formally known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

  • Kabul (; Pashto: کابل, romanized: Kābəl, IPA: [kɑˈbəl]; Dari: کابل, romanized: Kābol, IPA: [kɒːˈbol]) is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in the eastern section of the country It is also a municipality, forming part of the greater Kabul Province, and divided into 22 districts According to estimates in 2021, the population of Kabul was 4

  • Herāt (; Dari/Pashto: هرات) is an oasis city and the third-largest city of Afghanistan In 2020, it had an estimated population of 574,276, and serves as the capital of Herat Province, situated south of the Paropamisus Mountains (Selseleh-ye Safēd Kōh) in the fertile valley of the Hari River in the western part of the country An ancient civilization on the Silk Road between the Middle East, Central and South Asia, it serves as a regional hub in the country's west, and its historic Persian influences has given it the nickname as Afghanistan's Little Iran

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