In 2007, Jehovahs Witnesses reported that there are 236 countries, territories, and colonies that they are active in. This is in excess to the number of countries recognized by the UN, which at present is 195 countries. Jehovahs Witnesses list 206 countries by name that they are active in, and 30 other countries are catagorized as a group. There are many countries that we are banned in, that is, it is illegal to be a JW or carry on the activities of JWs. We as Jehovahs Witnesses have come to understand every year that the other countries that are listed on our annual report are countries that we are banned in. Since Algeria , with its capitol city, Algiers, is not listed by name among the the 206 countries in the 2007 report, the assumption would be that Algeria is a country that our activity is banned in. It is possible and highly likely that there are Jehovahs Witnesses in the country of Algeria and the city of Algeirs, however, their activities are not made public.