Draupadi was the common wife of Arjuna and other four Pandavas. Her other names are Krishna and Panchali.Apart from Draupadi, Arjuna also had 3 more wives that is 1) Ulupi 2) Chitrangadaa and 3) Subhadra.Subhadra was the sister of KRISHNA. Arjuna abducted her with the help of KRISHNA only.Draupadi was the daughter of King of Panchala country, therefore she was called as Panchali.In ancient India, the women were identified with their patriarchy.For ex: Sri Ramas mother was the daughter of King of Kosala country therefore she was known as Kowsalya, and his wife Sitha was the daughter of King Janaka of Videha country and its capital was Mithila, thus she is addressed as Jaanaki, Vydehi and Mythili.