They speak Thai. There is other types of people in Thailand like Chinese, Indian, English, Jamaican. They all speak their native languages of course but Thais speak Thai.

The northeast area is a little different dialect though but still Thai. So some thais in the south may have problems understand thais in the northeast because the language is just a tad bit different. this is kind of how people from Boston have an accent that people from California do not have or maybe they use different slang words.

Thai is the official language of Thailand.
Thai is the official language, but Chinese, Lao, Malay, and Mon-Khmer are also spoken. English is becoming more popular in universities, commerce, and government.
People in Thailand speak Thai.
We would call their language, Thai (tye).
They speak Thai and sometimes English
The main language spoken in Siam now is Thai.
Thai language. yes MVP name
Thailands official language is Thai. Just about everyone speaks Thai.
The official language is Thai.
Thai language is a language that Thai people speak.
Thailand has one language, but several dialects. The national language is the Central Thai (Bangkok Thai). In the far south, East and North there are other dialects. In the East there is influenmce of Laos and Cambodian. The North of Thailand was a separate country (Siam in the SOuth and Lanna in the North) - Chiang Mai was the capital which actually was considered a captured country until WW2 when it became part of Thailand (it is noe Tjaoilans second city after Bangkok). Lanna is distinctly different.

All use the same script, which is Khmer based (which is Sanskrit based - nbut there are many arguments about this). Thai had 46 consonents and dozens of vowels (onl;y consonents are considered to be the alphabet). It is an alphabetic language (as opposed to pictographoc like Chinese or Japanese etc) - although vowels can preceed, follow, be above or below the consonet. Consonents are always pronounced first (although some have no actual sound but are written).

Thai is tinal and the same transliterated word can mean several things - with a different tone. There are also several letters for some sounds as we hear in English (e.g. the first 5 letters of the Thai alphabet would be transliterated as G, K, K, K, K, K - thge problem here is self eveident, but it is not a probelm for a Thai as each sounds different or is in a different class) - Thai is almost pure in that it is read as spelled in almost all cases once the grammatical rules are learned.



Gum Dtam Sa Norng

What goes around comes around.


ไหมใหม่ไม่ไหม้ ใช่ไหม

mai mai mai mai chai mai

New silk doesnt burn, does it?
Yes, the principle language of Thailand is Thai.
english and spanish

they manley speak french
Thai is the common language in Thailand. Many Thai people have English as secondary language.
The Thai is the official language. ( they use Lao, Chinese, Malay, Mon-Khmer.)
Official language in Thailand is Thai. Secondary language widely taught is English.
The country is Thailand, the adjective is Thai, as in Thai people, Thai food, Thai languages.

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Official? One, central Thai.

Actual, spoken by locals/natives? Around 74.

The greatest number of people have Isaan, a dialect of Lao, as their first language.

Everyone who goes to school learns central Thai pasat glang.

Other major ones include the northern language of what used to be the Lanna kingdom, pasat neua and a dialect of Malay used in the south pasat dtai.

The three provinces to the south of Isaan bordering Cambodia speak a dialect of Khmer, and another large group there is Suay.

Each of the hill tribes in the north speak their own language, and many arent even considered citizens of Thailand, treated as illegal aliens even though theyve lived there for many generations, some longer than Thailand has actually been a unified nation.
Thailand has one official language which is Thai, although there are different regional dialects.
say hey ho
The national language of Thailand is Thai (also known as Siamese or Central Thai). It is a branch of the Tai languages--very similar to Lao. Thai is spoken by some 20 million people.
The language of Thai is the language of the people of Thailand. It is called Pasa Thai by Thai people in the Thai language.