The original cast had outgrown their characters, so new actors were needed. That said, Devon Bosticks Rodrick had also become something of a fan favorite, so the new actors - including Batman and Robins Alicia Silverstone as Heffley matriarch Susan - had a tough road to overcome fan skepticism.

Secondly, will there be a diary of a wimpy kid 5? Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. This is the last movie to be directed by David Bowers. Distributed by 20th Century Fox. This movie will be released in June 21, 2013.

Also to know is, who is the new Rodrick?

Devon Bostick. played Rodrick Heffley. in the first three movies, but The Long Haul features Charlie Wright. in the role of Greg HeffleyOpens in a new Window.s emo older brother.

How old is Rodrick from Diary of a wimpy kid now?

Rodrick Heffley

Name Rodrick Heffley Age 17-21 (book series) Born 1990-1991 Born 1994-1996 (movie trilogy) 15-17 Born 1988-1989 (online version) 16-17 Gender Male Actor Devon Bostick (2010-2012) Charlie Wright (2017) Film Appearance? Yes (all four)