the maximum disk size in Windows 10 isdifferent owing to different disk partition style. In MBR,the maximum disk size is 2TB. In GPT, the maximumdisk size is up to 94EB. so, if you want to use a disklarger than 2TB, you need to convert MBR to GPT.

Similarly, what is the maximum capacity of hard disk? As of January 2019, desktop hard disk drivestypically had a capacity of 1 to 6 terabytes, with thelargest-capacity drives reaching 15 terabytes. Unitproduction peaked in 2010 at about 650 million units and has beenin a slow decline since then.

Also, what is the maximum size HDD supported by MBR?

The organization of the partition table in the MBRlimits the maximum addressable storage space of adisk to 2 TiB (232 × 512bytes).

How big of a hard drive do I need for Windows 10?

If you are installing the 32-bit version of Windows10 you will need at least 16GB, while the 64-bit version willrequire 20GB of free space. On my 700GB hard drive, Iallocated 100GB to Windows 10, which should give me morethan enough space to play around with the operatingsystem.