Thanks for visiting Malaysia especially the Borneo parts. Your introduction hit the point's in term of Malaysia is not just West Malaysia. Save and fun journey to you 2. A bit of history. Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Malay Peninsula formed Malaysia in 1963. Singapore opted out of Malaysia in 1965. A bit tricky that Sabah and Sarawak are considered as one of the "State" nowadays whereas in the start we're one of the Country that formed Malaysia. It a sensitive issue to the East Malaysia especially in term of equal partners. East Malaysia are the biggest oil/gas producers in Malaysia but in terms of Development especially infrastructure, we're far behind the west Malaysia. Unequal partnership.

@sarah what can I say about this lovely town Sandakan 🙂 This town remind me so much of my own hometown,Ipoh. A small town with simple living style. nothing to rush here. the people are nice. the foods are great. and the nature are absolutely amazing!! i went here last February 2011 for a 4 days trip. went to various amazing places! im proud to be Malaysian and Sabah is definitely a jewel of Malaysia!