We used to have “alumnus” (malesingular), “alumni” (male plural),“alumna” (female singular) and“alumnae” (female plural); but the latter twoare now popular only among older female graduates, with the firsttwo terms becoming unisex.

Furthermore, what do you call a fellow alumni? Alumni is a plural noun referring either to agroup male graduates or to a group of both male and femalegraduates. The singular alumnus refers to one male graduate,alumna refers to one female graduate, and the pluralalumnae refers to a group of female graduates.

Beside above, are you an alum or alumni?

Alumnus is used to refer to a male graduate orformer student. Alumni is the plural of alumnus butcan also be used to refer to a group of men and womangraduates/former students. Alumna is used to refer to awoman graduate or former student. Alumnae is the plural ofalumna.

Who is considered an alumni?

alumni. A group of people who have graduated froma school or university. Alumni is usually used to refer to agroup of graduates of either one or both genders, whilealumnus traditionally refers to a single male graduate,with the feminine term being alumna.