I have only been to a couple of digital nomad spots around the world but I must say I have been disappointed with PDC for several reasons. I am a coworking space kind of girl and even though there are a few here, they are all not great. Especially if you compare them to the spaces in Bali Canggu/Ubud for example. In PDC it was all about choosing the lesser „evil“ for me. They are okay, but I didn‘t feel the same community vibes or very inspired in these places. The choices of healthy food here is very limited. Most places are all about meat, cheese and if you find something which sounds good and more healthy often is very bland. As others said it is very touristy but there is quite a few things to do, but in order to find out whats happening you need to be in whatsapp groups, which for me is not ideal. Getting around is decent as everything is quite close, yet the high temperatures make it always a sweaty endeavour. Its mostly only comfortable to go out when the sun goes down. Overall its not a bad place to be, but its not somewhere I see myself stay for a long time.