When sugar is dissolved in water, it forms a homogeneous mixture because the sugar is completely soluble in water. This is also a solution. A heterogeneous mixture on the other hand is when the two substances do not form one uniform mixture.

Subsequently, question is, when adding sugar to water what is the quickest way to get the sugar to dissolve? Instructions:

Make sure the glasses have an equal amount of water. Put a sugar cube into the cold water and stir with the spoon until the sugar disappears. Write down how many sugar cubes you could dissolve in the cold water.

Consequently, what kind of solution is formed when sugar is dissolved in water?

Dissolved sugar molecules are also hydrated, but without as distinct an orientation to the water molecules as in the case of the ions. The sugar molecule contains many -OH groups that can form hydrogen bonds with the water molecules, helping form the sucrose solution.

Is sugar water clear?

When salt dissolved in water to make salt water, the solution formed is clear and colorless. When sugar is dissolved in water, again a clear, colorless solution is formed. When copper sulfate is dissolved in water, it also forms a clear solution. In general, solutions can be separated by physical means.