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    Are you introvert or extrovert? Is there any introvert who would agree with this post? Well, i am completely agree. People have a misconception that introverts are quite shy and usually prefer small talk. In real, it's not like that. It's all about talking to the right people or a right person. Introverts have a few, close friends to whom they can share their views or perceptions.

    Would any introvert like to share their travel story? Did you enjoy the trip with your travel partner? Would you like to travel again this year with your friend or partner?

  • Traveling is always very exciting either with friends or family.however,with change of environment even introvert can turn out to be a good companion!

  • Yes, it's true that introverts stay quiet, they only talk to like-minded people who understand their nature.

  • @faizanaseem18 agree. Introverts only talk to people who seem to understand them. Nicely written.

  • Interesting topic for discussion. Iam an introvert as I speak less and stay quiet. Many people may think Iam shy or lack confidence. But its true, introvert share things with the right person or people having same habit. Whether they find any partner during travelling or at workplace, they talk for hours on the issues concerned.

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