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    • Drinking a lot of water
    • Meeting new friends
    • Reading books
    • Pursuing your passion
    • More honest
    • Go to bed early
    • Meditate
    • Quitting a job that you just hate
    • Finding your aim or purpose
    • Taking a break from work
    • Trust your intuition
    • Expressing your loved ones how much you care about them
    • Going out for adventures
    • Taking care of physical and mental health
    • Letting go of toxic people

    Do you agree with all these things? Do you implement any of those things in your life? Share the things that you love doing and won’t regret.

  • I wish I could all these steps need to work alot to get a check ✔ for all.

  • Lovely and inspiring topic for discussion. I like all the things mentioned and try to implement each of them in my daily life practice. Among these things, the element of meeting new friends is very helpful to me. New friends have helped me in every phase of life. One of my new friend is a unique person. He always takes out time to reply and never get irritated. The friendship with him is so valuable that I love to cherish all my life.

  • Taking care of physical and mental health or finding "ME TIME" is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.
    And yeah eliminating all the toxic people from your life is the key to a stress-free life.

  • @shanezehra you can try one at time.. as it is said better late then never

  • @saher-naseem rightly so but with all things happening around us.. Dont you think it would take a lot effort to find peace and quite ?

  • V.informative post! Gives a positive boost!

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