• Do you want to pack light and most importantly smart? Here I am sharing an informative video that helps you avoid unnecessary travel items.

    Travel items you don’t actually need

    Power converters
    Multiple chargers
    Laundary lines
    Heavy jacket
    Passport covers
    Read eBooks instead of travel books
    Money belt

    Well, guys, do you have anything in your mind that is left in a video? Do share in the comment section. And if you find this post handy while planning your next trips, do share your views as well.

  • An informative video for frequent travelers that will help them learn the art of packing light, and avoid unnecessary travel items that are not helpful during long or short travels.

  • Very informative πŸ‘ actually planning to buy a passport organizer now 😁

  • Agreed with the post, we should carry as lighter as you can. Try to avoid unnecessary stuff! By the way I also like passport organizer πŸ˜„

  • Minimum luggage maximum comfort πŸ™‚

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