• What do you prefer solo or group travel? Well, it is a long debate and people have different perceptions when it comes to solo or group travel.

    Here, I am sharing a video that shows both pros and cons of solo and group travel so that you can better understand which option is best for you. However, you can also share your travel experience.

    Or would like to give suggestions to the travelers, you are most welcome to share your point of views in the comment section😊

  • I would prefer travelling in a group

    You get to know people from different ethnicity background
    It's fun to share each other's experience

    Travelling becomes much easier I believe

  • I would prefer travelling solo or/and with a family, keeping my personal space and privacy intact.

  • Traveling with near and dear ones!

  • I personally experienced both solo and group traveling. I vote for group traveling because you don’t feel lonely plus you enjoy the people around you if you are socially active!!

  • In my opinion, travelling with a group is more useful, It help people to learn about new culture, tradition and food. They meet new people and visit historical places Travelers who love to relax in nature have the opportunity to go in groups to beach or visit waterfall. Similarly, they can take up adventure trekking together.

  • SOLO too many people too many demands and difference of opinions

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