• If you are going to visit any of your favorite places for the first time then this video would help you avoid some travelling mistakes. Here I have listed down the points explained in the video.

    For more detail information, just watch and enjoy the video šŸ˜Š You will find it handy for sure.

    Get not registered for travel rewards programs
    Booking the cheapest flight
    Travelling at peak times
    Planning too much or too little
    Travelling without insurance
    Not using the airline app
    Eating airport food
    Never travelling solo
    Going to visit the places during peak hours
    How you spend and access your money
    Not trying local food
    Over packing

    So, guys, do you make any of these mistakes while travelling? Share any of your worst travelling experience below in a comment section. Or experienced travelers add more mistakes in the list.

  • An helpful video that help readers to avoid mistakes while traveling. Many of us lack knowledge about travelling and so we do some major mistakes like travelling at peak times, planning too much, travel without insurance, not using the airline app and do not make booking from cheapest flight. Another mistake that most travelers do is to overload the luggage with useless things and spend too much beyond their budget. Reading the post will provide knowledge to avoid these mistakes to enjoy a comfortable journey.

  • As per my experience don't carry too much luggage while traveling, just jot down the important stuff to be carried and always arrive 3 hours prior to the flight at airport...šŸ˜Š

  • Nice post!

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