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    Winning mindset is all about analyzing and improving ourselves. It’s not about defeating others. Most often people have a mindset of defeating others that keep them away from their goals. They forget the fact that defeating others will only miss out their own goals. It only gives them a temporary joy.

    Remember, everyone has their own objectives and goals. And by achieving the goals, we can feel a sense of victory. Yes, a long lasting joy that we only feel when we achieve something that we really want in life.
    It is always advisable to just focus on yourself, grow and give your best. Remember, when you give your best and do all with your inner potential, you are a winner!

    What do you suggest? Do you agree with this? Share your views folks!

  • Absolutely, Victory is achieved by hardships and dedication, not by letting down others..

  • Nice post. It will help readers to ponder about creating a
    winning mindset. It is all about having belief in your own abilities, and hone your potentials to reach your goals. Referring to my life experiences, I have seen many unforeseen circumstances in life. Having a winning mindset has always motivated me not to lose hope rather than made efforts to improve myself. I never thought about defeating others instead, I have high self-belief that helped me stayed persistent towards my goals.


  • 100% agreed! Patience, Persistence and dedication towards your goal and life makes you successful!

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