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    Good or bad moments are the part of life. If someone is there for us to listen, support and encourage in our bad or hard times, we can surely emerge stronger from that bad situation.

    When someone is heartbroken or someone’s heart is heavy, they need to be understood and listened. Someone to hold and make them realize that however the wound may be, they can heal and become stronger.

    So, always listen to others patiently and empathetically. Remember, we all are here to support and encourage each other.

    Do you guys agree with this? Did you ever go through hard times? And someone hold you to make them realize that you can heal and good times will surely come! Share your thoughts here in a comment section.

  • An inspiring post. I fully agree that we should support and give helping hand to those who have no hopes in life. Being traumatize by upsetting life circumstances, many people give up and continue to live in darkness. In my opinion, we need someone whom we could trust and communicate our woes. I believe opening up and sharing our piece of heart with a loving friend is the best way to heal. It makes us lively and gives hope to live. Therefore, it should be our mission to enhance motivation and help such people to begin a new life.

  • @sadia-wali-0 v well said 👍

  • Nowadays I reckon it’s becomes a need to get a true shoulder to lean on emotionally as well as physically. This impacts the positivity in society!

  • We should make lives easier for the people around us

    Otherwise things would be messed up

  • Yes true

  • We should give out support to each other.

  • hardships are a part of life but having someone to go to is your hard times is a blessing.

  • @anonymous being there for someone is as important as having someone for support in difficult times

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