• Laos is located in Asia.

    • Laos is a country in South Asia. Many people refer to Laos as Muang Lao, and the country's official name is the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Laos shares borders with five other Asian countries. Situated on the Indochinese Peninsula, Laos is surrounded by land in every direction. Laos shares borders with both China and Myanmar (or Burma), along its northwestern border. Vietnam encompasses Laos along the eastern edge of the country, while the southwest border is shared with Cambodia. Thailand can be found along the southwestern and western borders of Laos.

    • Laos is an Asian country situated above the equator. With a latitude of 19.8563° N, Laos is in the northern hemisphere. The longitude of 102.4955° E places Laos in the eastern hemisphere as well.

    • The northernmost point of Laos is at a latitude of 22°29'N. This point is located in Ban Lengsuchai. In the south, Laos reaches a northernmost point at a latitude of 13°55' N. The southernmost point of Laos is in the province of Champasak along the border between Laos and Cambodia. This coordinate is part of the Khong District.

    • The easternmost point of Laos is found in the Sekong District of Laos. With a longitudinal coordinate of 106°40' E, the most extreme point of eastern Laos is along the country's border with Vietnam. To the west, Laos extends as far as the Bokeo Province. With a longitude of 100°08' E, this point can be found at the tripoint between Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

    • Laos has a population of 7,013,989 people. As the 105th most populated country across the entire globe, Laos comprises an estimated 0.09% of the world's total population of 7.53 billion people. The population of Laos has continued to climb for the past seven decades. Laos grows in size by roughly 1.75%, on average. Since the 2000s began, Laos has seen a decrease in the yearly change, percentage-wise, but Laos still experiences a rise in populations, nonetheless.

    • The total area of Laos is estimated as a grand sum of 91,428 square miles. About 2,317 square miles of the entire area is water regions, and the remaining 89,112 square miles are made of land areas. The population density of Laos is about 77 people per square mile of land.

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