Honduras, in the north-central part of Central America, has a Caribbean as well as a Pacific coastline. Guatemala is to the west, El Salvador to the south, and Nicaragua to the east. The second-largest country in Central America, Honduras is slightly larger than Tennessee. Generally mountainous, the country is marked by fertile plateaus, river valleys, and narrow coastal plains.

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  • Yoro, with a population of 25,560 (2020 calculation), is the capital city of the Yoro Department of Honduras and the municipal seat of Yoro Municipality It is notable for a local event known as Lluvia de Peces, where it is claimed that strong storms make fish fall from the sky

  • Utila (Isla de Utila) is the smallest of Honduras' major Bay Islands, after Roatán and Guanaja, in a region that marks the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest in the world The eastern end of the island is capped by a thin veneer of basaltic volcanic rocks, erupted from several pyroclastic cones including 74 m (243 ft) Pumpkin Hill which forms the highest point on the island It has been documented in history since Columbus' fourth voyage, and currently enjoys growing tourism with emphasis on recreational diving and is known as one of the world's best dive locations

  • Sonaguera is a town, with a population of 14,920 (2020 calculation), and a municipality in the Department of Colón, Honduras, Central America, located approximately one hour southeast of La Ceiba Sonaguera Municipality has a population of 46,568 The area surrounding Sonaguera is principally agricultural, with the major crop being oranges

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