Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, consists of three widely separated main groups of southwest Pacific islands: the Gilberts on the equator, the Phoenix Islands to the east, and the Line Islands farther east. Ocean Island, producer of phosphates until it was mined out in 1981, is also included in the 2 million square miles of ocean. Most of the islands of Kiribati are low-lying coral atolls built on a submerged volcanic chain and encircled by reefs.

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  • Bonriki is a settlement on Tarawa atoll, Kiribati, near Temwaiku and is part of the municipality of South Tarawa It is in the south-east of South Tarawa Bonriki International Airport, one of two international airports in Kiribati is located here

  • Taburao is a village on Abaiang, atoll in Kiribati There are 322 residents of the village (2010 census) The nearest villages are Ewena and Morikao to the north; and Tebero and Taburoa to the south

  • Bairiki is a settlement in South Tarawa of Kiribati The State House, the National Stadium, the High Commissions of Australia and New Zealand as well as the embassy of China, and most of the Government Ministries are based in Bairiki Bairiki is administered by the Teinainano Urban Council or TUC

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