Mongolia lies in central Asia between Siberia on the north and China on the south. It is slightly larger than Alaska.

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  • Ulaanbaatar (; Mongolian: Улаанбаатар, [ʊɮɑːmbɑːtʰɑ̆r], lit "Red Hero"), previously anglicised as Ulan Bator, is the capital and most populous city of Mongolia

  • Khovd (Mongolian: Ховд; in older sources also Kobdo) can refer to: Khovd River, a river in the west of Mongolia Khovd (city), the capital of Khovd aimag Khovd Province, an aimag (province) in Mongolia Khovd Airport, the airport of Khovd city Heise peak, on Bayankharikhan mountain south of Khovd River several sums (districts) in different aimags of Mongolia: Khovd, Khovd Khovd, Uvs

  • Erdenet (Mongolian: Эрдэнэт, literally "with treasure") is the second-largest city in Mongolia, with a 2017 population of 97,814, and the capital of the aimag (province) of Orkhon Located in the northern part of the country, it lies in a valley between the Selenge and Orkhon rivers about 240 km (149 mi) (as the bird flies) northwest of Ulaanbaatar, the capital The road length between Ulaanbaatar and Erdenet is about 370 km (230 mi)

  • Tarkhan (Old Turkic: 𐱃𐰺𐰴𐰣, romanized: Tarqan, Mongolian: ᠳᠠᠷᠬᠠᠨ Darqan or Darkhan; Persian: ترخان; Chinese: 達干/達爾罕/答剌罕; Arabic: طرخان; alternative spellings Tarkan, Tarkhaan, Tarqan, Tarchan, Turxan, Tarcan, Turgan) is an ancient Central Asian title used by various Turkic peoples, Iranian peoples, and by the Hungarians and Mongols Its use was common among the successors of the Mongol Empire

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