Nigeria, one-third larger than Texas and the most populous country in Africa, is situated on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Its neighbors are Benin, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. The lower course of the Niger River flows south through the western part of the country into the Gulf of Guinea. Swamps and mangrove forests border the southern coast; inland are hardwood forests.

What's happening in Nigeria

  • Zaria is a metropolis city which at the present time lies within four (4) local government areas in Kaduna state and a major city in the state These local government areas includes: Zaria Local Government, Sabon Gari Local Government, Giwa Local Government and Soba Local Government areas in Kaduna state, Nigeria It is the capital city to the Zazzau Emirate Council as well as being one of the original seven Hausa city-states

  • Yenagoa is a Local Government Area and capital city of Bayelsa State, southern NigeriaIt is located at the southern part of the country at coordinates 4°55′29″N 6°15′51″E The LGA has an area of 706 km² and a population of 352,285 at the 2006 census

  • Uyo is the state capital of Akwa Ibom, South South Nigeria Ibibo is the language spoken in uyoIt became the capital on September 23, 1987 when Akwa Ibom was created from the former Cross River State

  • Sokoto is a major city located in the extreme northwest of Nigeria, near the confluence of the Sokoto River and the Rima River As of 2006 it has a population of people over 427,760 Sokoto is the modern-day capital of Sokoto State and was previously the capital of the north-western states

  • Sagamu or Ishagamu is a conglomeration of thirteen towns located in Ogun State along the Ibu River and Eruwuru Stream between Lagos and Ibadan, founded in the mid 19th century by members of the Remo branch of the Yoruba people in south-western Nigeria The 13 towns that made it up are : Makun, Offin Sonyindo, Epe, Ibido, Igbepa, Ado, Oko, Ipoji, Batoro, Ijoku, Latawa and Ijagba It is the capital of Remo Kingdom and the paramount ruler of the kingdom - Akarigbo of Remo's palace is in the town of Offin

  • Osogbo (also Oṣogbo, rarely Oshogbo) is a city in Nigeria It became the capital city of Osun State in 1991 Osogbo city seats the Headquarters of both Osogbo Local Government Area (situated at Oke Baale Area of the city) and Olorunda Local Government Area (situated at Igbonna Area of the city)

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