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  • Tarapoto is a commercial hub town in the San Martín Province of the Department of San Martín of northern Peru It is an hour by plane from Lima, in the high jungle plateau to the east of what is known as the selva baja (low jungle) Although Moyobamba is the capital of the region, Tarapoto is the region's largest city and is linked to the Upper Amazon and the historic city of Yurimaguas by a relatively well-maintained transandean highway, paved in 2008–9

  • Tacna is a city in southern Peru and the regional capital of the Tacna Region A very commercially active city, it is located only 35 km (22 mi) north of the border with Arica y Parinacota Region from Chile, inland from the Pacific Ocean and in the valley of the Caplina River It is Peru's tenth most populous city

  • Pucallpa (Quechua: puka allpa, lit 'red dirt'; Shipibo: May Ushin) is a city in eastern Peru located on the banks of the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon River It is the capital of the Ucayali region, the Coronel Portillo Province and the Calleria District

  • Piura is a city in northwestern Peru located in the Sechura Desert on the Piura River It is the capital of the Piura Region and the Piura Province Its population was 484,475 as of 2017

  • Pisco is a colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored brandy produced in winemaking regions of Chile and Peru Made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit, it was developed by 16th-century Spanish settlers as an alternative to orujo, a pomace brandy that was being imported from Spain It had the advantages of being produced from abundant domestically grown fruit and reducing the volume of alcoholic beverages transported to remote locations

  • Moquegua (Spanish pronunciation: [moˈkeɣwa], founded by the Spanish colonists as Villa de Santa Catalina de Guadalcázar del Valle de Moquegua) is a city in southern Peru, located in the Department of Moquegua, of which it is the capital It is also capital of Mariscal Nieto Province and Moquegua District It is located 1144 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima

  • Lima ( LEE-mə; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈlima]) is the capital and the largest city of Peru It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín Rivers, in the desert zone of the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a contiguous urban area known as the Lima Metropolitan Area

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