Poland, a country the size of New Mexico, is in north-central Europe. Most of the country is a plain with no natural boundaries except the Carpathian Mountains in the south and the Oder and Neisse rivers in the west. Other major rivers, which are important to commerce, are the Vistula, Warta, and Bug.

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  • Leba may refer to: Łeba (German: Leba), a town in Pomerania, Poland Łeba River (German: Leba), a river in Pomerania, Poland, flowing into the Baltic Sea Lêba, a village in Tibet SS Leba, a German cargo ship in service 1940-45

  • Zamość (Polish: \ˈzamɔɕt͡ɕ:; Yiddish: זאמאשטש, romanized: Zamoshtsh; Latin: Zamoscia) is a historical city in southeastern Poland It is situated in the southern part of Lublin Voivodeship (since 1999), about 90 km (56 mi) from Lublin, 247 km (153 mi) from Warsaw In 2014, the population was 65,149

  • Zakopane is a town in the extreme south of Poland, in the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the Tatra Mountains From 1975 to 1998, it was part of Nowy Sącz Voivodeship; since 1999, it has been part of Lesser Poland Voivodeship As of 2017 its population was 27,266

  • Zabrze (Polish pronunciation: \ˈzabʐɛ:; German: 1915–1945: Hindenburg OS, full form: Hindenburg in Oberschlesien, Silesian: Zŏbrze) is an industrial city in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice

  • Wrocław (Polish: \ˈvrɔt͡swaf:; German: Breslau \ˈbʁɛslaʊ:; Lower Silesian: Brassel; Czech: Vratislav) is a city in southwestern Poland and the largest city in the historical region of Silesia It lies on the banks of the River Oder in the Silesian Lowlands of Central Europe, roughly 350 kilometres (220 mi) from the Baltic Sea to the north and 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the Sudeten Mountains to the south The official population of Wrocław in 2020 was 641,928, with a further 1

  • Włocławek \vwɔt͡sˈwavɛk: (German: Leslau) is a city located in central Poland along the Vistula (Wisła) River and is bordered by the Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park As of December 2020, the population of the city is 108,561 Located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, it was the capital of Włocławek Voivodeship until 1999

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