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  • Ruhengeri, also known as Musanze or Muhoza, is a city and capital of Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda Some sources now refer to the city itself as Musanze, after the district in which it lies within This has to do with the adopted policy of renaming Rwanda cities, which was done to eliminate memories of the past and to install new administrations in the country

  • Nyamata is a town in southeastern Rwanda Nyamata literally means "place of milk" from the two Kinyarwanda words "nya-" (of) and "amata" (milk)

  • Kibuye may refer to: Kibuye Hope Hospital - A rural hospital in Gitega Province, Burundi Kibuye, Rwanda - A city in Karongi District, Western Province, Rwanda Kibuye, Uganda - A neighborhood in the Makindye Division of the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital Kibuye (crater) - One of the craters on the planet Mars Kibuye Power Plant 1 - A small thermal power station (36 MW), located in Kibuye, Rwanda Kibuye Province - A defunct administrative area in Western Rwanda

  • 'Gisenyi' historically rendered as Gisenyi, is a city in Rubavu district in Rwanda's Western Province Gisenyi is contiguous with Goma, the city across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Byumba is a city in northern Rwanda, and is the capital of Gicumbi District It is home to an SOS Children's Village The city lies about 60 kilometres (37 mi), north of the capital Kigali

  • Kigali (Kinyarwanda pronunciation: [ciɡɑ́ɾi]) is the capital and largest city of Rwanda

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