What's happening in Bangladesh

  • Tangail (Bengali: টাঙ্গাইল, [ʈaŋgail]), is a major city within the Dhaka Division in central Bangladesh It sits on the bank of the Louhajang River, 83 kilometres (52 mi) north-west of Dhaka, the nation's capital It is considered to be the main urban area of the Tangail District, and is the 13th-largest city by population in Bangladesh

  • Sylhet (Bengali: সিলেট) is a metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh It is the administrative seat of Sylhet Division Located on the north bank of the Surma River at the eastern tip of Bengal, Sylhet has a subtropical climate and lush highland terrain

  • Savar (Bengali: সাভার) is a city in central Bangladesh, located in Dhaka District in the division of Dhaka It is the closest city from Dhaka It is also a part of Greater Dhaka conurbation which forms the Dhaka megacity

  • Satkhira(Bengali: সাতক্ষীরা) is a city and district headquarter of Satkhira District in Khulna Division, south-west BangladeshThe city has a population of about 2,50,000, making it the 20th largest city in Bangladesh Satkhira also has a large proportion of the Sundarbans rainforest of Bangladesh

  • Pabna (Bengali: পাবনা) is a city of Pabna District, Bangladesh and the administrative capital of the eponymous Pabna District It is on the north bank of the Padma River and has a population of about 300,109

  • Noakhali (Bengali: নোয়াখালী, lit 'New canal'), historically known as Bhulua (Bengali: ভুলুয়া), is a district in southeastern Bangladesh, located in the Chittagong Division It was established as district in 1821, and officially named Noakhali in 1868

  • Narsingdi (Bengali: নরসিংদী) is a city and district headquarter of Narsingdi District in the division of Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Munshiganj (Bengali: মুন্সিগঞ্জ), also historically known as Bikrampur, is a district in central Bangladesh It is a part of the Dhaka Division and borders Dhaka District

  • Khulna (Bengali: খুলনা, [ˈkʰulna]) is the third largest city in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong It is the administrative territory of Khulna District and Khulna Division The economy of Khulna is the third largest in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, contributing USD53 billion in nominal gross state product, and USD95 billion in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms as of 2020

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