The football team tried to pull out a win even though they were forty points behind, but their efforts were to no avail. I tried to convince my mother to buy me the newest gaming console, but all of my reasonable begging was to no avail.

Secondly, what does it mean to have been found wanting? Definition of found wanting. : lacking all that is needed or expected The travel arrangements were found wanting.

Simply so, what does to my avail mean?

: to be of use or advantage : serve Our best efforts did not avail. transitive verb. : to produce or result in as a benefit or advantage : gain His efforts availed him nothing. avail oneself of or less commonly avail of. : to make use of : to take advantage of They availed themselves of his services.

Were not in vain meaning?

To say that something will not go in vain is to vow to be successful against whatever odds are arrayed against you. For example, “in vain” means not in fructification or fruitless, unsuccessful, unyielding, lacking substance or worth.