Serbs (Serbian: Срби, Srbi) are a south Slavic people who live mainly in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and, to a lesser extent, in Croatia. There is a sizable Serbian diaspora in Western Europe (predominantly concentrated in Germany, Switzerland and Austria), as well as in the United States and Canada. Contribution to Humanity Serbs have played a significant role in the development of the arts and sciences. Prominent individuals include the scientists Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Jovan Cvijić and Milutin Milanković; the renowned mathematicians Jovan Karamata, Mihailo Petrović, and Đuro Kurepa; the famous composers Stevan Mokranjac and Stevan Hristić; the celebrated authors Ivo Andrić, Borislav Pekić, and Milo