DS_Store files are only used by the Finder to hold custom view settings for that particular folder. In most cases nothing will happen if you delete them, or at worst custom Finder view settings (icon size, position, background color, etc) will be lost.

Likewise, can I delete ._ files? Fortunately, deleting these files manually will not harm anything, but it can be very annoying to users to have these files constantly appearing. There are several ways to manage these hidden files, and prevent them from occurring.

Beside above, can I delete .DS_Store Files on Mac?

No data is lost by deleting the corrupted files as Mac Finder only creates . DS_Store files to store viewing options, such as the positions of icons, size of the Finder window, and window backgrounds. To delete a corrupted . DS_Store file, you will need to use Terminal.

How do I delete a DS store?

Recursively Remove . DS_Store

Open up Terminal. In the command line, cd to/your/directory. Finally, in the command line, type: find . -name . DS_Store -type f -delete . Press enter.