The word plantation was applied to the large farms that were the economical basis of many of the 17th-century American colonies. The peak of the plantation economy in the Caribbean was in the 18th century, especially for the sugar plantations that depended on slave labour.

Beside above, what is plantation history? a usually large farm or estate, especially in a tropical or semitropical country, on which cotton, tobacco, coffee, sugar cane, or the like is cultivated, usually by resident laborers. a group of planted trees or plants. History/Historical. a colony or new settlement. the establishment of a colony or new settlement.

Beside above, what is called a plantation?

A plantation is a large agricultural property dedicated to planting a few crops on a large scale. A small grove of trees is also called a plantation, but usually when we use the word we mean the big farms.

What does Plantation mean for kids?

Kids Definition of plantation 1 : a large area of land where crops are grown and harvested. 2 : a settlement in a new country or region. More from Merriam-Webster on plantation.