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    How can you overcome resistance?

    Well, the greatest challenge towards the path of success is resistance. Of course, one you feel something is hard to achieve, it creates resistance and you are afraid to take a first move.

    It’s true that the first step is hardest because there is uncertainty or you are unsure about the results. There is a self-doubt that makes you afraid of falling or losing of something.

    Remember, once your self-doubt take over, it’s very difficult to take a first start. So, it is suggested , don’t hesitate to start things even if you feel its looks difficult. Always take a first step and give it at least a try. As once you take a step, it will create self-trust and self-confidence within you that keep you forward. And ultimately nothing will seem impossible to you.

    What about you guys? Do you easily overcome resistance? Do you self-trust, face challenges and ready to take a first move? Do share in comment box.

  • Ive personally experienced overcoming resistance and achieving the goals is not easy and followed overnight, it takes turns of failures and hardships , once you have overcome the fear of failures and struggles and the faith in Almighty can only lead you towards positivity and success!!

  • First step is always very important Indeed!

  • First step is the most crucial one and takes time to move. But once taken, it gives me a lot of self trust and confidence, which lead towards the outcome. But one thing, the outcome is not always in my favour, but the feeling of trying the path is the accomplishing task.

  • Always welcome the challenges with the power of belief in yourself whether you win or loss but do give it a try once!

  • @komal I agree with you. it takes numerous breakdowns anxiety attacks and internal motivation per talks to come to terms with facing your fears. but once done the sense of accomplishment is also priceless

  • thats the way to go

  • It is true, many of us feel indecisive while making a first move to attain our goal. One of the major reasons are insecurity and rising self-doubts about the results that creates resistance, and make it hard for us to move forward. If we remain confuse, we might not overcome the challenges rather get stumbled at every stage. Therefore, stay confident and take positive initiatives without thinking about output.

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