• How can you overcome fear of flying?

    Sharing a really helpful video that explains some steps that you can follow before your upcoming flight.

    Steps to follow

    Visualize yourself to return home safely
    Observe the sensations during flight but don’t respond or don’t interpret them as dangerous.
    Don’t consider negative “what if” scenarios rather consider positive “what if” scenarios.
    Listening music help you ground your mind
    Look out the window to feel a sense of control.
    Consider flying as “exciting” instead of “scary”

    Believe it or not, if you follow the following steps, you will feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable throughout the flight. Well, this is how you can prepared for your next flight.

    Do you find these steps helpful? Or would like to share any other tips that you usually follow? Must share in the comment box.

  • dont tell anyone but yes 😱 🖐

  • Very helpful post!

  • Indeed it’s a very helpful post!

  • It is an interesting post for readers. Most of us have fear of flying in an airplane. It could be height phobia or getting nervous in flight. To have an enjoyable trip, it is important to eliminate your fear of flight. The video is useful as it provides some helpful tips which will help you feel relax during travelling and ease your flight stress. Since, Iam one of those who have fear of flying, I will follow the three tips as mentioned in the video. the first to look outside the window to gain self-control. Moreover, watching the beautiful clouds make you relax. Secondly, listen to music that will make trip pleasurable. The last one , try meeting new people, it will divert your attention and make you feel better during travel.

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