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    Visa requirements for Sudanese citizens

    Visa requirements for Sudanese citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Sudan.
    As of 2 July 2019 Sudanese citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 37 countries and territories, ranking the Sudanese passport 103rd in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.
    [1] Visa not required for Egypt and Lebanon

    Country : requirement

    Afghanistan : Visa required[2]

    Albania : Visa required[3]

    Algeria : Visa required[4]

    Andorra : Visa required[5]

    Angola : Visa required[6]

    Antigua and Barbuda : Electronic Entry Visa[7]

    Argentina : Visa required[8]

    Armenia : Visa required[9]

    Australia and territories : Online Visitor e600 Visa[10]

    Austria : Visa required[12]

    Azerbaijan : Visa required[13]

    Bahamas : Visa required[14]

    Bahrain : Visa required[15]

    Bangladesh : Visa on arrival[16]

    Barbados : Visa required[17]

    Belarus : Visa required[18]

    Belgium : Visa required[19]

    Belize : Visa required[20]

    Benin : Visa not required[21]

    Bhutan : Visa required[22]

    Bolivia : Visa required[23]

    Bosnia and Herzegovina : Visa required[24]

    Botswana : Visa required[25]

    Brazil : Visa required[26]

    Brunei : Visa required[27]

    Bulgaria : Visa required[28]

    Burkina Faso : Visa required[29]

    Burundi : Visa required[30]

    Cambodia : Visa required[31]

    Cameroon : Visa required[32]

    Canada : Visa required[33]

    Cape Verde : Visa on arrival[34]

    Central African Republic : Visa required[35]

    Chad : Visa required[36]

    Chile : Visa required[37]

    China : Visa required[38]

    Colombia : Online Visa[39]

    Comoros : Visa on arrival[41]

    Republic of the Congo : Visa required[42]

    Democratic Republic of the Congo : Visa required[43]

    Costa Rica : Visa required[44]

    Côte d'Ivoire : eVisa[45]

    Croatia : Visa required[46]

    Cuba : Tourist Card required[47]

    Cyprus : Visa required[48]

    Czech Republic : Visa required[49]

    Denmark : Visa required[50]

    Djibouti : eVisa[51]

    Dominica : Visa not required[52]

    Dominican Republic : Visa required[53]

    Ecuador : Visa not required[54]

    Egypt : Visa not required (Conditionally)[55]

    El Salvador : Visa required[56]

    Equatorial Guinea : Visa required[57]

    Eritrea : Visa on arrival[58]

    Estonia : Visa required[59]

    Eswatini : Visa required[60]

    Ethiopia : eVisa / Visa on arrival

    Fiji : Visa required[63]

    Finland : Visa required[64]

    France : Visa required[65]

    Gabon : eVisa[66]

    Gambia : Visa required[67]

    Georgia : eVisa[69][70]

    Germany : Visa required[71]

    Ghana : Visa not required[72]

    Greece : Visa required[73]

    Grenada : Visa required[74]

    Guatemala : Visa required[75]

    Guinea : eVisa[76]

    Guinea-Bissau : eVisa / Visa on arrival[77]

    Guyana : Visa required[78]

    Haiti : Visa not required[79]

    Honduras : Visa required[80]

    Hungary : Visa required[81]

    Iceland : Visa required[82]

    India : Visa required[83]

    Indonesia : Visa required[84]

    Iran : Visa on arrival[85]

    Iraq : Visa required[87]

    Ireland : Visa required[88]

    Israel : Visa required[89]

    Italy : Visa required[91]

    Jamaica : Visa required[92]

    Japan : Visa required[93]

    Jordan : Visa required[94]

    Kazakhstan : Visa required[95]

    Kenya : eVisa[96]

    Kiribati : Visa required[97]

    North Korea : Visa required[98]

    South Korea : Visa required[99]

    Kuwait : Visa required[100]

    Kyrgyzstan : eVisa[101]

    Laos : eVisa / Visa on arrival[102]

    Latvia : Visa required[103]

    Lebanon : Visa required[104]

    Lesotho : eVisa[105][106]

    Liberia : Visa required[107]

    Libya : Admission refused[108]

    Liechtenstein : Visa required[109]

    Lithuania : Visa required[110]

    Luxembourg : Visa required[111]

    Madagascar : eVisa / Visa on arrival[112]

    Malawi : Visa required[113]

    Malaysia : Visa not required[114]

    Maldives : Free visa on arrival[116]

    Mali : Visa required[117]

    Malta : Visa required[118]

    Marshall Islands : Visa required[119]

    Mauritania : Visa on arrival[120]

    Mauritius : Visa required[121]

    Mexico : Visa required[122]

    Micronesia : Visa not required[123]

    Moldova : Visa required[124]

    Monaco : Visa required[125]

    Mongolia : Visa required[126]

    Montenegro : Visa required[127]

    Morocco : Visa required[128]

    Mozambique : Visa on arrival[129][130]

    Myanmar : Visa required[131]

    Namibia : Visa required[132]

    Nauru : Visa required[133]

    Nepal : Visa on arrival[134]

    Netherlands : Visa required[135]

    New Zealand : Visa required[136]

    Nicaragua : Visa required[138]

    Niger : Visa required[139]

    Nigeria : Visa required[140]

    North Macedonia : Visa required[141]

    Norway : Visa required[142]

    Oman : Visa required[143]

    Pakistan : Visa required[144]

    Palau : Free visa on arrival[145]

    Panama : Visa required[146]

    Papua New Guinea : Visa required[147]

    Paraguay : Visa required[148]

    Peru : Visa required[149]

    Philippines : Visa required[150]

    Poland : Visa required[151]

    Portugal : Visa required[152]

    Qatar : eVisa[153]

    Romania : Visa required[154]

    Russia : Visa required[155]

    Rwanda : eVisa / Visa on arrival[156]

    Saint Kitts and Nevis : eVisa[157]

    Saint Lucia : Visa on arrival[158]

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines : Visa not required[159]

    Samoa : Visa not required[160]

    San Marino : Visa required[161]

    São Tomé and Príncipe : eVisa[162]

    Saudi Arabia : Visa required[163]

    Senegal : Visa on arrival[164]

    Serbia : Visa required[165]

    Seychelles : Free Visitor's Permit on arrival[166]

    Sierra Leone : Visa required[167]

    Singapore : Visa required[168]

    Slovakia : Visa required[169]

    Slovenia : Visa required[170]

    Solomon Islands : Visa required[171]

    Somalia : Visa on arrival[172]

    South Africa : Visa required[173]

    South Sudan : eVisa[174]

    Spain : Visa required[176]

    Sri Lanka : Visa required[177]

    Suriname : eVisa[178]

    Sweden : Visa required[179]

    Switzerland : Visa required[180]

    Syria : Visa required[181]

    Tajikistan : Visa required[182]

    Tanzania : eVisa / Visa on arrival[183][184]

    Thailand : Visa required[185]

    Timor-Leste : Visa on arrival[186]

    Togo : Visa on arrival[187]

    Tonga : Visa required[188]

    Trinidad and Tobago : Visa required[189]

    Tunisia : Visa required[190]

    Turkey : Visa required[191]

    Turkmenistan : Visa required[192]

    Tuvalu : Visa on arrival[193]

    Uganda : eVisa / Visa on arrival[194]

    Ukraine : Visa required[196]

    United Arab Emirates : Visa required[197]

    United Kingdom and Crown dependencies : Visa required[198]

    United States and territories : Visa required[199]

    Uruguay : Visa required[200]

    Uzbekistan : Visa required[201]

    Vanuatu : Visa required[202]

    Vatican City : Visa required[203]

    Venezuela : Visa required[204]

    Vietnam : Visa required[205]

    Yemen : Visa required[206]

    Zambia : eVisa[207]

    Zimbabwe : eVisa[208]

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