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    What languages are spoken in Antarctica?

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    There are no countries on the Antarctic continent. Therefore, there are no native languages or indigenous populations. Scientists from all over the world work there temporarily, and speak the languages of their home countries.Most science research on the continent is formalized in English and some in French. Governments representing 80% of the earths population conduct science on Antarctica, and of course, conduct this research in their own language.The continent is preserved for science under the directives of The Antarctic Treaty. For the purposes of sharing scientific data, English is a standard with French used when necessary.Antarctica is not a country, and therefore has no official language.The continent is dedicated to the scientific health of planet Earth. The language of science is generally English, with a secondary option of French.All scientists and workers temporarily located in research stations usually speak the language of the nation-state that supports the station.People who live and work on Antarctica temporarily, speak the native language of the country that has hired them.Antarctica doesnt have a major language. Each group of scientists speak the language of their country.There are no Antarctic people. The only people who live on Antarctica are scientists, military, and support personnel who are rotated in and out for periods of a few months to a few years at a time.The Antarctic Treaty was signed by governments representing about 80% of the earths population.Scientific stations funded by these governments speak their native languages.

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