• What does Vietnam have in common with China?

  • The word Vietnam is derived from two Chinese words meaning the Viet kin in the South. Traditionally, the people of Vietnam have been regarded by westerners as staunchly xenophobic, and, as such, have been viewed as having a long standing contempt for Chinese influence on the region. Border and island disputes have only exacerbated long-standing tensions between the two nations. Vietnam and China share many common cultural traditions which originated from the wet rice cultivation. China controlled Vietnam for about 1000 years, a rule which ended in 939CE. Thus, Vietnamese culture, writing, politics, religion, etc. were sinicized to a a certain degree. Yet the degree to which Vietnam preserved a distinct identity and maintained separate traditions should also be noted. During the 1st and 2nd Indochinese Wars, Vietnam grew closer to PR of China and received some funding, material, and advisors from the PRC. However, war with China in 1979 renewed hostilities. the reason why Vietnam and china are close because is that they are both communism country, there isnt much comminusim country left in the world

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