• Does the US get along with Zimbabwe?

  • No Zimbabwe and the us dont get along with each other. Since USA wanted to take over Zimbabwe and failed because President Robert Mugabe ( Zimbabwes president) was very clever and didnt want his people to keep on being killed. And he also didnt want his people to be under constitutional monarchy. First off, the above is hideously incorrect, and fails a basic history lesson. Zimbabwe was previously called Rhodesia, and, before that, Southern Rhodesia, a part of the British Empire. The United States generally has had little to do with that area of Africa in terms of colonization or imperial influence. The current situation is that the United States strongly disapproves of the current government of Zimbabwe, and has joined many other European countries (and, a variety of other major world countries, too), in calling for a replacement of the current government by a freely elected one. As such, the US participates in a variety of embargoes and sanctions against the government of Zimbabwe. The root of the current problem is President Mugabe, who has gone from being a nominally respectable and reasonable leader to one who shows all signs of attempting to be a dictator - that is, one who is attempting to retain power though a variety of undemocratic and repressive measures.

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