• What food do people in Trinidad eat?

  • People in Trinidad eat foods such as Roti, dhal and rice, bread, chicken/pork soup, Pizza, ochro, potato chips, patchoi, bigan, bodi [long beans].Answer 2: Also Baigan Choka (roasted eggplant), Tomato Choka (roasted tomatoes), Aloo Choka (fried potato), fried Plaintain, Corn Beef with onions and tomatoes, Saltfish, Buljol (saltfish with peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and sometimes boiled eggs), Bacon, Chicken Stew, Tannia Cakes (fried Dasheen cake) and boiled Yucca with butter. They like their Curries too [chicken, crab, duck etc... with Rotis], and pawpaw, mangoes, passion fruit, star apple, cherries.Answer3: A big mac if they go to McDonalds...Answer4: In Trinidad and Tobago the most popular dishes are Palua, Carb and Dumpling,weather it be curry or callaloo carb an dumpling is it. It more common in Tobago though.. A must have snack is snow cone. With its syrup and condensed milk it is very delicious andcools you down in the hot summer time.

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