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    • Belarus is located in Europe.

    • Belarus is a country in the eastern region of Europe. Officially called the Republic of Belarus, and formerly known as Byelorussia, Belarus is entirely landlocked on all sides. With Latvia in the north and Ukraine to the south, Belarus is also bordered by Russia in the east. Lithuania is northwest of Belarus, and Poland borders Belarus to the southwest corner.

    • Belarus has a latitude of 53.7098° N and a longitude of 27.9534° E. With these GPS coordinates, Belarus is situated above the equatorial plane. Belarus is positioned in the northern and the eastern hemispheres simultaneously.

    • The northernmost point of Belarus is in the town of Proshki, which is considered part of the Verkhnyadzvinsk District. Just north of the Osveya Lake, this point is part of the Vitebsk Region of Belarus, with a latitudinal coordinate of 56°08' N. To the south, Belarus extends as far as a latitude of 51°15' N. This point is in the Brahin District of Belarus’ Gomel Region.

    • As the 117th most extreme point in the west, the westernmost point of Belarus is located in the city of Brest, known as an oblast by native Europeans. The coordinate of this western point is 23°10' E. In the east, Belarus stretches as far as Mogilev, an oblast very close to the border Belarus shares with Russia. The easternmost point of Belarus is situated at a longitude of 32°46' E.

    • The total area of Belarus is an estimated 80,154 square miles. About 78,340 square miles are made up of land while the other 1,815 square miles are water areas. As a country comprised of 2.3% water and 97.7% land, Belarus is the 84th largest country in terms of total area.

    • The country’s population is about 9,443,371 people, as of a census conducted in early 2018. Belarus is the 93rd most populated country in the world.

    • The population density of Belarus is found by taking the population and dividing that value by the country’s total area. Belarus has a population density of 118 people per square mile. This value makes Belarus the 155th most densely populated country in the world.

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