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    • North Korea is located in .

    • North Korea is an East Asian country situated in the northern hemisphere. Officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea borders China to the northwest and South Korea, also called the Republic of Korea, in the southeast. North Korea is also positioned between two bodies of water.

    • In the east, North Korea’s eastern border lies along the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea. In the west, the Korean Bay borders North Korea. Russia borders North Korea at the northernmost tip, and the Yellow Sea, while predominantly encompassing South Korea, also borders the southern part of North Korea.

    • The GPS coordinates of North Korea are 40.3399° N and 127.5101° E. North Korea, and South Korea comprise the Korean Peninsula, and the names of these countries reflect their positioning within the Peninsula.

    • The total area of North Korea is approximately 46,540 square miles. Compared to the other countries around the world, North Korea is the 97th largest based on physical size. North Korea has a population of about 25,661,175 people. Based on population alone, North Korea ranks as the 52nd most populated country out of 195 countries in all. The population of North Korea makes up about 0.34% of the total population of people in the world.

    • The population density of North Korea can be determined based on the values of the total area and population. By dividing the population by the total area of North Korea, the population density is calculated as 551.38. Since the population density of a particular area expresses how many people there are per square mile of area, this value reflects the relationship between the people living in North Korea and the total area of the nation. That said, there are roughly 552 people per square mile in North Korea.

    • The average level of elevation in North Korea is roughly 1,968.5 feet above sea level. At its highest point, North Korea reaches an altitude of 9,003 feet above sea level. This point is at the very top of Baekdu Mountain, an active volcano along the border that separates North Korea and China. The lowest point of elevation in North Korea is 0 feet above sea level along the coastlines of North Korea.

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