• When a sperm ends up outside of thewoman's body, it lives only a few minutes.Sperm needs moisture and warmth to live, so onceexposed to air, they quickly die. As soon as semen dries,the sperm within it dies.

  • According to Health Central, semen thats closeto the vagina — where again, the environment is likely to bewarm and moist — can live for up to 20 minutes, whichis yet another reason the pull-out method of birth control worksonly 80 percent of the time all the time.

    Similarly, can sperm live for 10 days? You need to know that the maximum amount of timesperm can live in a womans reproductive system is 5days. Some sperm will live for a shorter time,depending on the conditions in the vagina, fallopian tubes anduterus. Without the right fertile conditions, sperm willdie within a few hours.

    Also, at what temperature does sperm die?

    The effect of temperature on the motility andviability of sperm. In specimens of semen kept at 37degrees C sperm lose their motility and viability. If keptat 4 degrees C they retain their viability but lose their motilityfrom so-called thermal shock.

    Can you get pregnant from sperm outside the body?

    Yes, you can get pregnant if sperm is nearthe vagina and it hasnt dried. You may have heard thatoxygen kills sperm. If it stays moist, it could make its wayup the vagina and through the cervix into the uterus to fertilizethe egg. While this scenario is possible, it isnt likely tohappen.

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