• “A hoofer is a person who tap dances—but it's deeper than that. Being a hoofer is a lifestyle. It's about sleeping, eating and breathing tap dance. To be a hoofer, you don't just have a run-of-the-mill dance life.

  • hoofer. noun. Slang. A professional dancer, especially a tap dancer.

    Subsequently, question is, what is hoofing tap dance? Hoofing: This style of tap is similar to rhythm tap. Soft Shoe: This style of tap dance is performed with shoes that have no metal taps on them. Performers sometimes dance with sand on the stage to create sound along with fluid movements.

    Similarly one may ask, who would be considered a hoofer?

    hoofer. Slang. A person who dances, especially professionally: dancer, terpsichorean.

    What are the different styles of tap dancing?

    There are several major variations on tap dance including: rhythm tap (jazz) tap, classical tap, Broadway tap, and post-modern tap.

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