• In the medical field, traction refers to the practice of slowly and gently pulling on a fractured or dislocated body part. It's often done using ropes, pulleys, and weights. Traction may be used to: stabilize and realign bone fractures, such as a broken arm or leg. help reduce the pain of a fracture before surgery.

  • The purpose of traction is to: Regain normal length and alignment of involved bone. Lessen or eliminate muscle spasms.

    what is skin traction medical term? Definition of terms Traction: Traction is the application of a pulling force to an injured part of the body or extremity. Skin Traction (Bucks Traction😞 Skin traction is applied by strapping the patients affected lower limb and attaching weights.

    Considering this, what are the types of traction?

    There are two major types of traction: skin and skeletal traction, within which there are a number of treatments.

    • Skin traction. Skin traction includes weight traction, which uses lighter weights or counterweights to apply force to fractures or dislocated joints.
    • Skeletal traction.
    • books.
    • periodicals.

    Can traction be harmful?

    There are no long-term risks of spinal traction. Some side effects may occur during or after treatment. Many people experience muscle spasms after traction. Some have pain in the treated areas.

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