• What time zone is West Virginia in? West Virginia is in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States of America (USA). Eastern Standard Time ( EST ) is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-5 ).

  • West Virginia Time Zone - West Virginia Current Time - Daylight Saving Time

    West Virginia Local Time Details Time Zone Abbreviations Eastern Standard Time - is abbreviated as EST Eastern Daylight Time - is abbreviated as EDT Daylight Saving Time Usage West Virginia does utilize Daylight Saving Time.
    Additionally, what time are we in West Virginia?

    Current Local Time in Locations in West Virginia with Links for More Information (6 Locations) Cross Lanes Thu 5:17 pm Huntington Thu 5:17 pm Morgantown Thu 5:17 pm Wheeling Thu 5:17 pm
    In this regard, what time zone is WV in UTC?

    Generalized Time Zone in West Virginia

    Time Zone Abbreviation and Name Offset ET Eastern Time UTC -5:00 / -4:00
    What time is California zone?

    California is in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States of America (USA). US Pacific Standard Time (PST) is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time(GMT-8).

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